NIU AIM HIGH Partnership Awards

NIU Partnership Awards are given as part of NIU’s matching commitment to the state of Illinois’ AIM HIGH program for incoming students. Students who file a FAFSA by April 1, 2024, and meet the AIM HIGH criteria and the special population criteria will be considered for an award.

AIM HIGH Partnership Awards for Freshmen

Beginning with the fall 2024 entry term, these two awards will increase from a one-time, $3,000 award to an annual, $1,000 award renewable for four years. For students who maintain at least an NIU cumulative 2.5 GPA and meet the other required criteria, these partnership awards are renewable until you complete your degree or reach 135 total earned hours.

DeKalb County Scholarship ($4,000)

Annual, renewable $1,000 award for eligible DeKalb County high school graduates. 

Chicago Public Schools Scholarship ($4,000)

Annual, renewable $1,000 award for eligible CPS graduates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this change benefit students?
  • This will increase the total award amount for each student from $3,000 to $4,000.
  • This will help students/families with financial planning by knowing that they can expect to receive this same amount in each of their four years.
  • Previously, students were often challenged with a $3,000 gap in their financial aid after the first year.
  • Collectively, this will help increase student retention and persistence, a key university goal and focus of NIU’s Strategic Enrollment Management Plan 2.0.
How many students will this impact?

The number varies from year to year, but over the past few years the number of new first-year students from CPS and DeKalb County has been between 500 and 700.

Why make this change now?

We are responding to many of our students and community-based organizations who work with high school students. They asked for awards that are committed to and renewable for all four years of enrollment.

AIM HIGH Partnership Awards for Transfer Students

Kishwaukee College Transfer Scholarship ($3,000)

A one-time, stackable award for Kishwaukee College transfer students.

City College STAR Transfer Scholarship ($3,000)

A renewable, stackable award for City College STAR transfer students.

NIU Transfer Achievement Award ($2,000)

A non-renewable stackable award for students who receive a transfer merit scholarship.

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