Protecting Your Information

At this time, students can submit their signed documents through the Secure Portal Online. Handwritten/wet signature are required for all financial aid documents. Documents can be signed (i.e pen, stylus or finger signature) Instructions are in your task tile in your MYNIU to-do-list. To ensure the security of your data, as well as spouse and parent data, we recommend the following delivery methods for forms containing personally identifiable or confidential information:

  • Mailed (U.S. postal service, FedEx, etc.) to:
    • Financial Aid and Scholarship Office
      245 Swen Parson Hall
      DeKalb, IL 60115
  • Hand-delivered to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office
  • Documents can be submitted by using a scanner or by taking a clear picture
  • Please rename documents with your name and EMPLID ex. Huskie Thomas_ 2019 Parent_Federal Tax Transcript_DATE (i.e MMDDYY 102821)


If it's not possible to mail documents or bring them to our office, you may fax them to 815-753-9475.

Our fax machine is in a secure physical location. Received faxes are converted to electronic documents retrievable only by authenticated and authorized staff members.

Follow these guidelines for secure faxing:

  • Use a fax machine that is phone-line based, not internet-based.
  • Make sure the fax machine has personal or limited access. Public or office fax machines may store your information, making it viewable to other users.


You may also send documents via email to We recommend using your NIU email account. Email messages sent from an NIU email address to another NIU email address meet accepted data security standards. Email from any other source, including personal email accounts, may not meet these standards.

If an email from a non-NIU student email account is the only way you can submit a required document, make the document password protected. Give us the password by phone or in a separate email.

Receiving Information Securely

We will not fax personally identifiable or protected information to any source other than state and federal agencies. These agencies are also subject to strict electronic communication protection regulations.

If a form contains protected data, we won't fax it to you or your parent, unless the receiver is authorized to receive the information. The receiver must also confirm that the fax number is a personal phone line fax machine.

We won't send your protected or sensitive data to any email other than your NIU student email account.

To protect your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) Any email attachments sent to the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office outside of accepted document submission methods of acceptance will be immediately deleted without review.

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