NIU Advantage Grants

NIU Advantage Grants can be received for a maximum of two years and are awarded to qualified first and second year undergraduate students. 

Qualifying students who enroll as first-time freshman will be considered for the NIU Advantage Grant. Qualified entering transfer students and current NIU undergraduate students with less than two years of college-level enrollment will be considered for our second year grant program, the Advantage Grant 2, provided the student files a FAFSA and continues to demonstrate need.

  • NIU Advantage Grants require full-time (12 credit hours) enrollment each semester received.
  • Eligibility for this non-refundable grant is based on a percentage of unmet need using the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and a combination of other factors including academic credentials.
  • A change to EFC and/or grant and scholarship aid (i.e., Pell and MAP Grants, Special Education Teacher Scholarship, State Veterans' awards, institutional offers) not reflected on your initial offer notification may reduce or eliminate the NIU Advantage Grant.
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